Innovation Project

School Survival Guide for incoming Freshmen

We made a website based off of the TV show Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide for freshmen and incoming eighth graders who need help surviving high school. Our goal was to help any young high school student who was afraid of the stress and work load, so we made a website for their questions and created “How To” posts about school issues and problems. We used some tips that were in the TV show, to help get ideas for what do most high school students struggle with and need advice in. We thought of school work load, the pressure from parents, and finals.


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Is high school hard?What should I watch out for?What are good habits I should have?Should I try out for a sport?
This was a survey we created for young people that need questions answered. 
One of the topics we discussed, was the difference between going to school for learning and going to school for grades. Obviously, we all want good grades, but sometimes it’s best to take your time and reflect on what you learned in the subject. Instead, today we focus so much on the grade nobody really cares about the subject nor the conceptual part. It’s all about getting the A+ and never about what we learned. Part of it is from the fact that the instructors and parental figures put so much stress on the grade part of school that we were trained to think anything less than an A was unacceptable. Our website shows that it’s ok if you’re not perfect. And it’s ok if you’re slower at a subject than others, your mom shouldn’t disown you for that.
Another topic in our website was about how school does suck, but dwelling on that will only make the situation worse. We describe how learning for a purpose is the only way to get yourself out of a rut in the school year. The routine can be monotonous but if you keep goals and an an open mind it can be less of a continuous, tortuous cycle. We also described the different subject’s purposes. For example, history is studied so we can learn more about our cultures and don’t repeat horrible mistakes. If we didn’t study the Holocaust, who’s to say it wouldn’t happen again if we didn’t show young people the horrors of this world. School’s not for everyone and we know that and address it but we show ways to make it easier for yourself.

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