They see me Brawlin’. They Hatin’.

4 Seconds of Summer

Our group for the brawl was four seconds of summer. For the first brawl we had the question, “When do you have the right to make decisions for others?” We came up with answers about how sometimes in a situation like, All Quiet on the Western Front, you make decisions for your own survival and the survival of others. You aren’t always going to make a solution everyone can agree on. In this case, there was no time nor the ability to have decisions made, in a war you make decisions that will ensure your safety and the safety of your men. There isn’t always time discuss what’s best for everyone. We had an example of this with the Good Samaritan Law. Our other question was from page 199, ” The first aeroplanes appear in the sky. We roll on transport lines. Guns, guns. The light railway picks us up.” How can we find the solution to making guns, weapons not dangerous to others in warfare and in use domestically? First, I’d like to point out that this is the stupidest question ever. You can’t make weapons not dangerous in war people! That’s why it’s called warfare and not called rock, paper, scissors. Anyways, my group stated that you can never truly take away guns because people who want guns will find a way to get what they want. Truly crazy, psychotic, people who want weapons will not be stopped by a statement written on a piece of paper. Even if it’s enforced by authorities. These people that want weapons to kill others, will use any means necessary to get what they want. Even if it’s the black market or being smuggled in. The only way to bring the death toll of shootings down is to make a stricter enforcement and ¬†policy on weapon authorization. Meaning, laws for guns are more strict and tests for legal gun possession are run to make sure the person owning a gun is not insane. Also, to make sure the person’s need for a gun is stated.

Events like this don’t happen because of guns and police brutality. This happens because stupidity and ignorance declared war on each other.

We made a twitter account called 4secondsofsummer



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