My Blogging Experience

I’ve always liked to write my thoughts down because every time I sit down and write my feelings I instantly feel a little better. If I bottle my thoughts up and don’t express them in some way, I am forced to express them in other ways like lashing out. Sometimes, writing is the only way I can find someone or something to listen to me and to hear my pain.

When my English teacher first introduced us to  I immediately thought of all the stereotypes of bloggers and “fanfic” writers of being weird, super nerd, fangirls or something. But once I entered the “global conversation” I then realized that there’s more to blogging than just people writing about their favorite TV show “ships”.

Once I started to get comfortable with word press I saw that it wasn’t just full of fan girls and comic fanatics; it had artists, photographers, writers, and even fan girls who were good at writing their opinions. I was also worried that people be judgmental and look down upon my writing but i learned quickly that word press was not like that, and the environment wasn’t anything like twitter. I really enjoyed the fact that we could add any image or gif we wanted to get our point across in our writing. And making or taking our own images was fun since you can’t always find the exact picture that fits the theme of your post on Google.


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