The Thin Line Between Humanity and Inhumanity

 “We are a very crippled giant suffering from self inflicted wounds, that if we do not treat, and heal, will in fact bring us to our knees and ultimately, to our doom.”

It’s easy to throw in the towel and give up. That’s what quitters do. If everything was easy everyone would be a superhero. But, the things in life worth fighting for are never easy, but they aren’t impossible.

I know from experience what it’s like to lose faith in what your beliefs and humanity. It’s one of the worst feelings, because you feel like everything in your life is a lie. These emotions come from your subconscious. You feel conflicted because you have been taught to always believe things were a certain way but your personal experiences tell you something else. When my mom abandoned my family and my dad passed away I was angry with God. I thought why would I devote my beliefs to this being if in return all I got was suffering. It was hard because I was raised to believe and always trust God’s plan because, like most people say, everything happens for a reason. And I thought well I don’t have a family is there some reason why I don’t get one? I thought that wasn’t fair. So for a while I lost my faith. And I began to blame people around me for why I wasn’t happy. Losing your faith takes a great toll in your life, even if you don’t realize it. When you have conflict with your beliefs it feels like there are two voices whispering in your ear telling you to stick with your beliefs or follow your pain.

It’s important to never “lose your humanity” no matter what life throws at you because your humanity can be the only thing that holds you back from insanity. Humanity is important because it’s what keeps us human and makes us feel. There are times when you want to never care about anything anymore and to just give up but you don’t. That’s your humanity holding you together. Sometimes, people’s compassion is the only thing that keeps them from taking their own life or someone else’s with them. In the TV show, the Vampire Diaries, the writers use vampires “flipping their humanity switch off” as a metaphor for humans and their suffering. It’s a fictional description of how people’s scars affect them in many ways. In the show, a vampire “flips their switch” when they emotionally can’t handle life anymore (like a person who is depressed). An example can be when Elena’s brother and boyfriend died. She couldn’t handle the pain, where every memory hurt so in order for her to not feel them anymore she turned them off. This is similar to someone being depressed today and cutting themselves. Today, we don’t necessarily lose our humanity or turn into blood sucking killers. Those are stories that are parallels of our lives today. The authors create them to show the audience an interesting and fictional way to describe life. People who’s scars haven’t healed or will never heal experience many emotional roller coasters. One day you’re flying high and soaring through life and the next your plummeting to the earth and falling fast. Or “humanity switch” is the ability to feel and have compassion. Bottling up those emotions is dangerous because it’s like holding a match in a room filled with powder kegs. One tiny spark can set it off.  These feelings are so important because once you allow yourself to feel them, you are one step closer to healing.


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