Life in the Fast Lane

Just breathe

Life goes on…

I know how feeling overwhelmed can make you want to crawl into a ball and give up. But, life goes on, you can’t sit around feeling sorry for yourself because you will miss out on everything this world has to offer. Even in the darkest of times, when you hit rock bottom, you have to get up, dust yourself off and keep pushing through.

I know from experience that it’s easier said than done. But when life throws the worst pitches at you; you have to recognize the change and react. Change has always been viewed as terrifying. It’s just the way our world sees it. Change is different and we have always viewed different as a bad thing. But if you embrace the change and accept it, then everything becomes easier.

People are afraid that their change will mean they will go through it alone. We’re told that we are defined by our differences. But that’s not true. Our differences are what make us unique, but our troubles are what brings us closer together. Nothing truly defines who we are as people. The only person who can define you is yourself because your thoughts and opinions make you who you are — our actions are only our thoughts put into motion.

Sometimes, being different or going through a change makes people fear being alone. They feel a fear of abandonment because they fear what everyone is scared of: judgement and the thought of not being accepted by those you care about. We have a saying in our society, ” Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.” Everyone says it but not everyone follows through with it. An example of this can be someone always wearing long sleeves to cover up a tattoo. Some people are quick to think that a person with a tattoo can’t be trusted. It’s more than just the tattoo, it’s the thought of someone individualizing themselves from everyone else. It’s scary to those watching that person be different than the average crowd. You question their logic, their thinking, then that leads to an assumption of who that person really is. And now you have a complete analysis on who that person is and you haven’t even met them yet. That’s called judgment. The fear of change and individualizing will never leave our society because unfortunately, being different will never be seen as good.

“The key to change is to let go of fear.”

My experience with major life changes was when my dad passed away. I knew that I would never be the same person I once was. I knew that I would never be as happy as I once was. But that didn’t mean I was going to be the sad girl who lost her parents forever. After this event I saw everything differently. All of a sudden, I looked at people differently, I had a different outlook on life, and my passions were different. Just because my life completely flipped didn’t mean I did though. I still had my best friends who became my brothers and sisters after this. And I had basketball which became my life. I might have a gap in my soul, but it didn’t make me a different person. Everyone else looks at me like I’m broken. I know that people will see me as damaged because I’m the girl who doesn’t have her family. But that doesn’t change who I am on the inside. I knew that I couldn’t hide in a corner, and cry because it would solve nothing. I recognized my life was about to change and I faced it head on. Looking back from October 16 until now; it didn’t break me, it just made me stronger.

And then things get easier, because you find the one person you’d walk this world with. Being alone can be the most terrifying feeling in the world, but being in love can be the best feeling in the world. Finding the one person who sees you change and accepts you is a true friend. Whether you were scarred or polished afterwards your friends and loved ones should always support you. This is key to getting through difficult times. Now that we have the ability to make life a lot faster, it’s important to hold onto who you hold most dear because everything and everyone is constantly changing. But changes and differences shouldn’t break friendships, it should strengthen them. Life in the fast lane can be nerve-wracking but there’s no use worrying about what major change will happen to you because it hasn’t come yet. And it may never will. But you can’t control that. The only thing you can do is to relax and enjoy the ride and you will deal with any challenge or change when it comes to you.

“All you have to decide, is what to do with the time that is given to you.”

-Gandalf the Grey


One comment

  1. David Theriault · June 9, 2015

    I think this is your best post so far. The maturity in your writing voice shows from beginning to end.


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