The Hunger: Lycanthropes

A lycanthrope, or more commonly known as werewolves are defined as men who can change into the form of a wolf but keep their human intelligence. In their wolf form they have the power of a beast and the mind intelligence needed to be dangerous creatures. The word werewolf originates from Latin meaning man-wolf. Lycanthropes are crafty, smart, and cunning. They always know their limitations and advantages and they use them well. Much like vampires, werewolves have been feared for centuries. Mysterious deaths, claimed to be animal attacks that were never explained are still left unanswered because unlike vampires, werewolves are much more secretive and prefer to stay hidden.

  • When a werewolf is in transition from human to wolf they take the traits of both species. Their power is stronger than an ordinary man but not nearly as powerful as they are in their full wolf state.

  • In their wolf state they are dangerous because of their predator minds and human knowledge. They are almost too smart and powerful to challenge.

  • Some choose to not live their life as a monster, so they create cellars and chambers so when they transition they are locked away where nobody can be hurt by them.

The Limitations of a Lycanthrope

1. Wolfs bane

  • This is like vervain for vampires, it burns the skin of a werewolf and weakens them
  • The smell also repels them so they don’t want to enter your home

2. Silver

  • Silver knives, swords, or bullets can kill a werewolf.
  • It is easier when they are not in their wolf state because in their wolf state the only way they die is if you cut out their hearts with silver stakes.

3.  The Full Moon

  • The werewolves get their strength from the full moon
  • They are strong in their human state but strongest at night with the moon
  • When the moon is full they don’t have a choice, their bodies change into a wolf

The Lycanthrope vs. a Vampire

A Hybrid

Werewolves are unique because they keep their wolf instincts as well as their human instincts. Which makes them all the more powerful. A werewolf naturally preys on humans but they love the taste of vampire. Vampires and werewolves have been rivals for the top of the food chain for as long as they have been around. Vampires are more powerful when the lycanthrope is not in it’s full wolf state. But when the full moon is out a werewolf can kill a vampire easily because the venom of a werewolf is fatal to a vampire. The reason why neither have gone extinct is because they are both equally matched as predators. But some have made agreements to live among each other because their powers make them feared by humans so the only people that can understand their secret is each other. They both want survival and fighting each other’s species sometimes leads to humans intervening. And that means extinction for both. Thus, hybrids came into this world by vampire and werewolf. Werewolves and Vampires tend to live separately but, they stopped the on going fighting that has lasted centuries, because they see their strength is matched. And none has gained an advantage over the other. Werewolves are very protective of their kind. They travel in packs even as humans because they feel family is important. They stick with each other through thick and thin. And that means transitioning together and hunting together. They help their baby wolves (new and young werewolves) grow and embrace their transitions.  Werewolves are very nomadic and they make camps where they hunt. The pack only answers to one alpha dog and that alpha stays in power until he is challenged and beaten.

A pack

The werewolf transformations


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