Blood Suckers: Vampirism


For centuries, people told stories of vampires lurking in the shadows thirsty for the taste of blood. They were used to explain bodies mutilated in forests. People were scared of the unknown so many folk tales were created for supernatural occurrences and unnatural events in time.

One of the most famous vampire tales was the story of Vlad Tepes the Impaler, also known as Dracula. Vlad Tepes was a prince of Transylvania in Romania. His story was that he was a deadly and ruthless ruler where he would impale his enemies and drink their blood. He would torture them and then rip their bodies apart. The other kingdoms in the region feared him so much that rumors whispered among the people of his supernatural power where he would drink the blood of his people for strength. He would display their bodies around his kingdom to make everyone fear him. And they did, no one had ever seen such behavior in another human. So they believed he was inhuman because of their fear of him.

Vlad the Impaler

During the Dark Ages, people needed closure and reasons to explain why they should fear the forests or the shadows at night. Many supernatural creatures were created to either scare little siblings or for some, to keep their children out of the forest. But, many did believe that there were creatures such as blood drinkers on God’s earth. The Christians during this time called Vampires children of Satan and not God. They believed God would never create such evil animals. So in small villages many people would seek to change the vampires ways. They would lock them in vaults and try to use the bible and the sun to cure their curse. But the longing for blood never goes away.


But this is only if you believe in such things. Vampires were just used to explain what serial killers were back then. They would pose as a gentleman at your door, and ask to come in. Once they were inside they’d murder your family and leave the bodies. Anyone who came after the scene would see this and then tell a tale of tall man who sucked the victims dry of their blood. People were so frightened because they had never seen such bloody murders before that they used their imagination to explain such ungodly events.

 Ancient cave drawings of vampires

These people burned the bodies they believed were “infected” with Vampirism

How to Resist a Vampire  

There are many ways to stop a vampire from attacking you. Some of the typical signs to distinguish human from vampire are true and others a myths. Here’s the list:

 1. Vervain

  • The herb vervain burns the skin of a vampire.
  • Ingesting it will keep a vampire from tasting you.
  • Injecting vervain into a vampire can weaken them to where they pass out.
  • The herb vervain burns the skin of a vampire.  

2. Stake to the Heart

  • To kill a vampire you must stake their heart
  • It has to be wooden or else it won’t affect them.
  • In ancient times people made their stakes with crosses because by killing Satan’s demons by a cross shows you are not murdering them but, you are purifying their soul of evil

3. The Sun

  • The sun burns a vampire instantly
  • If you get them to stand long enough in the sun they will catch fire and burn
  • A small sun ray will only slightly burn them but they will recover fast
  • A vampire must stand directly in the sun to be burned completely

4. Resist Compulsion

  • Vampires possess the power to command you to do anything they say
  • It’s a mind controlling power and it activates with their eyes
  • You can resist this easily by wearing vervain or ingesting it
  • Vampires can only compel if you are not using vervain
  • Once you are compelled it only stops if the vampire is killed or he/she releases you from compulsion

5.  Mirrors: Myth!

  • Vampires can see themselves in the mirror
  • And any human can too
  • They are visible in mirrors it was proven a myth
  • And I think they enjoy it, some can be narcissistic

6. Invited In

  • If vampires threaten you, do not invite them inside your home
  • They must be invited in, in order to harm you
  • If you step outside of your door they can do what they please but vampires are bound and cursed to always have to have permission to enter one’s home

7. Identifying Vampires


  • You can identify a vampire or a transitioning human to vampire by their eyes
  • Or by lacing a drink with vervain
  • If they gasp or wince that means they felt their throat burn from the herb

Understanding a Vampire’s Nature

So if we were so terrified by these dark creatures, why are their stories still told about them that our children and grandchildren read? Even though we do have this fear inside of the supernatural world, many people find the fantasy stories interesting and fun to imagine — but not too long ago was this world in terror of being bitten. What keeps us curious?


Vampires have always been portrayed as tall, handsome gentlemen. They naturally attract women’s attention for their looks and charm. They also attract men with their ability to make friends. Vampires, like humans, have good and bad qualities. And like a human being, it depends on their type of personality, whether or not they choose to be kind or terrifying.

No, vampires do not sparkle like this

This is what they really are:

Vampires are violent, brutal, and even ugly. They don’t sparkle or glow. They cause pain, anguish, and have no remorse. But don’t some humans have these qualities too? Vampires are feared because they are unnatural; they are different. Vampires have ugliness in them, but so do we. Vampires may have a thirst for blood, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have feelings, emotions, or family like us.

“It’s a choice we all make. Whether to control the blood or be controlled by it.”

-Stefan Salvatore

 They feel guilt 

They feel anger and rage

They break down and cry

They feel pain

They can be moody teenagers

But they feel happiness too

They love their family

But they still have fights with them

They show their love

And they can be passionate with it

But that is only if you believe in such things…

Like Vampires


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