Family is what you make it



“Family is not always blood. It’s the people who hold your hand, and lift you up.”

Some people are blessed with great families and others aren’t. I believe that friends are the family you can choose. There is no law saying that you must love your family. It may seem wrong, but there are some out there that have had a mother or father abandon them. So, they choose to not love those they share blood with and love the ones that actually care like a best friend. Family is not the blood in your veins. It’s the love in your heart and soul.

I recently lost my father to cancer. He was the only family I had until I let my teammates into my heart. I always enjoyed my friends on my basketball team, but after my loss, I felt I had no one. But, I saw that my family consists of 16 — 13 players and 3 coaches. They picked me up and carried me when I felt I couldn’t keep running. With my dad dead and my mom who abandoned me, I turned to them. My team, whom I can never thank enough.

This quote, “It seems to me, that love is the most important thing in the world,” I believe to be the truest statement. Life is hard, it’s like the sea during a storm. Life is merciless, cruel, and painful and the only thing that can make life worth living is love. Love can motivate you and help you keep on going. When you feel that all is lost people look to love as an answer. Calling a parent, writing a letter, or hugging your best friend. People need that plus one to fall back on, because without them they will fall and have no hand to help them up.

I feel that without my team and without their support I wouldn’t be here today. They’ve helped me get through the darkest times of my life and without their love it would’ve stayed the darkest times of my life. Now I see the light in this world and I see it when my best friend calls me or writes to me. Genuine love can be hard to come by, but when you do find it, it’s the greatest thing in the world.


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