My trip to the Emergency Room

All I saw when I looked down was the dark red blood that covered my hands as it dripped from my face.”

(If you are scared of blood and open wounds I advise you not to read on)

It was the second game of the season. It was the first game of our tournament and we were playing orange when it happened. We were up by ten in the first quarter. By the half we were up by even more. My teammates and I all were playing well. I had 14 points by the half. 4 three pointers and a 2. We had our halftime talk which was to not let them catch up and to step on them even more. We wanted to be up by 50 not just 15. It was the second possession, we started with the ball in the second half but we made a turnover so they took out the ball. I picked up my player on defense when the ball was caught. My player fumbled it and I tried to grab the ball. My player fell to the floor while she grabbed my leg. I began to run as I stole the ball but she had my leg. I fell forward and was unable to catch myself because my hands were caught on the ball. I slammed my chin on the floor. It created a gash about an inch and half long and half an inch wide, but I don’t know how deep. But, the cut was on my face so the puddle of blood was not a small amount. It took about fifteen minutes for my coach to get my off the floor. I attempted to get up but the trainer and coaches told me to stay down. I was immediately covered in paper towels and hydrogen peroxide. Then my coach took a butterfly band aid and pulled my skin together to keep it closed. I was then informed I must be rushed to the ER. Only because of a chance of having a concussion. I didn’t lose consciousness but I did feel out of it, like a shocking feeling. Here’s an image of the seven stitches I got and the wound before the doctor sewed me up.



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