Football in the Rain

“Mud Football!”

Whenever it rained my team’s first thoughts were forget basketball, let’s go and play football. We’d rush out into the field and dive straight into the watery mud. There is no thoughts about how dirty we are, we just find a peaceful calmness to tackling to the crap out of each other.


The memories I most cherish are with my basketball team when were not playing ball. On our rainy days we carry the tradition of diving through the mud without a care in the world. My dad started this tradition, and now we carry it on even though he’s not with us.




Being out when the rain lightly falls from the sky has a certain type of serenity that is unexplained. You don’t think about your problems or stress out about anything. It’s just you and the constant mist of the rainfall. When I think of rain I see the stress reliving games of mud football my team and I have had. And the great feeling of walking back to the locker room after to wash off. We feel a sense of accomplishment. Not only have I created beautiful memories with my team on the court and on the wet field I also made friends for life.




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