Great TV Shows Playing Today



Arrow is a Television show on CW that is based off of the comic book by DC, Green Arrow. The third season of Arrow starts off with Sara Lance’s death. Another archer murders her and Oliver strives to find this killer and avenge Sara’s death. Also, we learn that Oliver adds another archer to his crusade: Arsenal aka Roy Harper. Oliver continues to struggle with his love affairs and personal life with Felicity and Laurel Lance. He tries to keep his identity as the Arrow and Oliver Queen separate but he soon finds that he cannot continue being two different people.

“I thought I could be the Arrow and Oliver Queen, but I can’t”

 Agents of Shield:

Agents of Shield shows on ABC on Tuesday nights. This show is about the SHIELD agency that is a security and research branch of the world. It’s a back story or “spinoff” of The Avengers, Thor, Captain America, and Iron Man. IT follows the Marvel movies and shows what happens to the agency during the events that occur in the comics. In  Season 1, Hydra (Nazi terrorist group, believe in death/destruction of the world) infiltrates Shield and the agency is labeled a terrorist organization. The whole world doesn’t trust their own team so many shield agents are convicted or killed. The remaining agents must work in the dark to stop Hydra and at the same time dodge the people that hunt them down for terrorism.

Hawaii Five-0:

Hawaii Five-0 is a Show on CBS that plays on Friday evenings. The setting is in Hawaii and it’s about a crime investigation unit of the police task force. They solve mysteries, stop terrorist attacks, and assassins. They work well as a team to help the general public. They all juggle their work and home life with their families and protecting them from becoming targets or weak points in their line of work. The main characters are :

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