How much do you trust those around you? What leads to betrayal?

Essential Question: Why does great power destroy friendships and make people betray others? Can you trust those around you?

There’s a saying, “Be careful who you tell your problems to because not everyone that smiles at you is your friend.” I’m sure everyone knows the feeling of betrayal by experience or reading about it in a book and watching it happen in a movie. It’s a classic plot twist where the main character’s best friend really works for someone else and the protagonist doesn’t find out until a very dramatic point in the story.

In most cases, great power or wealth brings down the largest empires to the smallest groups of friends. The desire for material possessions destroys humanity because we all have a selfish need within. We begin to ask ourselves why does the thirst for power take over us? It is because of two things: a person’s character mixed with human nature.


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