How to Destroy Your Enemies The Sherlock Holmes Way

Here are some easy steps to take down your opponent.


  1. “First, distract target”
  2. “Then block his blind jab”
  3. “Counter with cross to left cheek”
  4. “Discombobulate”
  5. “Dazed, he will attempt wild haymaker”
  6. “Employ elbow block”
  7. “Body shot”
  8. “Block thorough left”
  9. “Weaken right jaw, now fracture”
  10. “Break cracked ribs, traumatize solar plexus”
  11. “Dislocate jaw entirely”
  12. “Heel kick to diaphragm”


In summary your opponents condition:


  • “jaw fractured”
  • “3 cracked ribs”
  • “4 broken ribs”
  • “diaphragm haemorrhaging”
  • “Physical recovery: 6 weeks”
  • “Full psychological recovery: 6 months”


Here is a breakdown of the steps with images:

At this point you realize you have to take your enemy down.

And you’re going to do it the right way.

Distract your target so you can plan your next

move so your opponent won’t be prepared to defend

against you. Then, block their attempt to reach you

and go for a weakness or open shot at the face. Next,

to make them disoriented take your fists and hit on

both sides of the face this causes them to panic.

Now here your opponent isn’t thinking clearly because of

frustration and many shots to the head. So, they will try and wild

punch outward and this is where you use your elbows to stop the


This is the counter to the block where you make a strike

right to enemy’s gut.

Then, another desperate punch will be thrown and here

you utilize your elbows and forearms again and block it.

This is where you begin to finish the job. You strike the jaw

again to send him backwards. This will set you up for your final


Your final blow will be a “heel kick to diaphragm”.

This will not only knock your opponent down it

will stop them from being able to get back up for

a while.

In summary your take down will look like this all together:



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